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About Me

Moe Rahall was raised in Alberta. He is a community advocate and successful business owner, operating five salons that currently employ over sixty staff. Moe carries forward his family’s traditions of a solid work ethic which include earning an honest living and supporting community initiatives. Moe also has a background in residential construction and is a proud Journeyman in his trade.

Moe is active in the community supporting local causes including “The Kids with Cancer Society”, and “We’re here for you” - charities providing haircuts and backpacks with school supplies to families in need.  He also holds an annual golf tournament which raises funds towards the Lala Heritage Foundation. Moe understands the challenges many Albertans face because of his long association with people of diverse backgrounds. He brings perspective about resource allocation and attention to vulnerable communities through his words and actions.

Moe loves hockey. Besides being a “super- fan”, he enjoys playing recreational hockey. He, and his wife Shadia, strive together to instill values of compassion, honesty, courage  in their three children. They believe in fostering these crucial leadership qualities in all youth.



As an entrepreneur, I believe government should help create the conditions for business to succeed and for people to be able to earn a comfortable living and build wealth. Alberta is known for its innovation and we want to create an environment where enterprise and entrepreneurship can thrive, and creativity is rewarded.

Fiscal Responsibility

I know what it’s like to have to make tough decisions for my business and my family. Albertans expect their government will be responsible with their money and spend every dollar as efficiently and effectively as possible, instead of just starting with more taxes. Borrowing makes sense when building infrastructure – but there needs to be a long-term plan, common sense, and transparency when budgeting. We need a plan to pay back what we’ve borrowed and save for the next rainy day.

Social Responsibility

Every Albertan deserves an opportunity to succeed. As government, we will aspire to provide excellent and innovative public education, public health care, and infrastructure, as well as a compassionate helping hand in times of need. We will work to foster inclusion, acceptance, and diversity for all.

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Upcoming Events


Campaign Office Opening

We will have snacks and beverages, music, and a short program. Moe will be available to chat and answer your questions. Moe will be speaking at 2:30 pm sharp!

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